World of Warcraft – FAIL

The creators of the World of Warcraft movie undeniably did everything right. They managed to perfectly tap a video game universe with immense collection of backstories and lore as source material. Duncan Jones, the director of the movie, had indie cred, a critical and commercial hit in the Source Code, as well a verifiable history of affection for games he used to draw from. Continue

Biggest Fail Of Playing WoW With Bratty Sis!

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Most Popular MMORPGS in the World

Did you know that most of MMORPG players don’t have driving license? So clever, yet they fall for all these scams with fake instructors all the time! Since the launching of Ultima Online in the year of 1997, MMORPG grew at a faster rate and became mainstream. In these days, there are hundreds of free for playing MMORPGs along with dozens of subscriptions which are based on titles. Here is a list of the most popular MMORPGs across the world: Continue

5 Things You Probably Never Knew About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft recently released Legion in August 30th and it is worth playing for the tons of WoW fans out there. It is also one of the longest virtual gamesaround, having been in existence even before the inception of theiphone brand, twitter, facebook and a couple of other technologies that we now have. There are lots of weird things that have happened in the game both in our world and Azeroth (the game’s world) and here are the top 5 things you probably never knew about; Continue

Is World of Warcraft in Decline

For a game that has broken a number of Guinness World Records since its inception, the WoW franchise seems to be on a rocky descent going by recent statistics. World of Warcraft has for some time been the bar by which other online multiplayer games have been measured with; however, it seems like age is catching up with the game that first saw the online world in 2004. Its recent release of Legion in August 30th, which is still being tested by players all around the world, will be a great test as to whether the game can withstand another decade in the ever so changing online gaming world. Here are some reasons that paint a grim picture about WoW’s future; Continue

6 Superb World of Warcraft Records That We Never Thought Could Be Broken

If you’ve played World of Warcraft then chances are that you understand how patient and determined you need to be in order for you to complete each level. However, there are some people out there who seem not to be caught up by time and they have been breaking World of Warcraft records that never seemed likely to be broken. Here are 6 World of Warcraft records that took the world by surprise; Continue