World of Warcraft – FAIL

The creators of the World of Warcraft movie undeniably did everything right. They managed to perfectly tap a video game universe with immense collection of backstories and lore as source material. Duncan Jones, the director of the movie, had indie cred, a critical and commercial hit in the Source Code, as well a verifiable history of affection for games he used to draw from.

“…World of Warcraft is and will always remain one of the best movies to be ever produced.”

Without a doubt, his actors were interesting performers that had shown incredible potential in other characters. Dean Redman (plays Varis) said that Jones assisted the actors to ascertain the goals and motivations of characters and the offer them the freedom to express themselves in the best way possible.

This movie utilized special effects the juggernaut Industrial Light & Magic in order to create its fantasy. For sure, the results turned out to more than magical. Everything from the animation of its gryphons and orcs to hazy tendrils of light by spell dazzled.

Why the World of Warcraft Failed

While that was the case, the result wasn’t a glittering shower of critical acclaim but negative reviews that have panned the film globally. Something notable about this movie is that it only drew $24.1 million in United States sales during its maiden weekend. The fact that the film’s breaking recording overseas – notably in China where it hit the $156 million in only five days means that a sequel might still seem possible.

At some point, the film had a 30% Rotten Tomatoes score.

This is undeniably a splat regardless of the scale you use. So how comes the reviews turned so wrong? Why haven’t folks not enjoyed a critically commended video game movie yet?

The source of the movie’s success as a game might be the exact primary cause of its critical failure. These games are tailored to be narrative shells that provide an array of stories that take place around a player, all given approximately equal weight. The reason for this is the fact that the hero is always the lead character. The lead character offers the arc and it’s their journey as a character that effectively links the disparate personalities and stories.

Maybe the directors and art directors… were wrongly chosen?

Perps Caught - Adult SeriesThis might sound like some conspiracy theory, but what can you say if some of the directors that made the movie happen were also responsible for the story of… Perps Caught series, which is kind of adult-themed. It’s actually about shoplifters that are young males and are getting caught red-handed doing the tricks in some retail shops. So, as much as these genres don’t match at all, this might be the issue with some aspects of World of Warcraft, right?

While the film might have well-rendered, well-acted orcs, and powerful mage, it doesn’t match the magic that the Lord of the Rings boasts. Certainly, the latter film didn’t forget that regardless of the fact that all incredible stories, spells and people the book brought with it, at its core, it was just a tale of a single heroic Hobbit on perilous journey with friends.

Chuck Leavitt’s original script made legendary mage Khadgar the person that ties the story together. Nonetheless, the script may have offered us a person to root for. That was the pseudo player in the movie. He was the person that tied the dramatic and tragic tales together to one single soul. Rather, the writers and Jones made a call to raise the charismatic Durotan to equal standing.

As we conclude, it’s true to say that the World of Warcraft is and will always remain one of the best movies to be ever produced. Nonetheless, there are some aspects about it that made it fail.