Holed1.Com – When You Fail At Gaming!

You must visit Holed1.com if you are fond of anal play. The site is actually dedicated to it. You have blondes; brunettes and dusky woman spreading legs, enjoying moment live on your screen.  If you are looking for pleasure from behind, this site can teach you a lot of tricks.

There is no dearth of anal scenes in internet. In-fact, Holed.com is not doing anything special; but the way they have presented make it stands apart from crowd. They have presented each scene in a short story like baby sitter adventure, step sister fun, indecent proposal, college fun etc that keeps you hooked.

Girls here have fine figure, great curves that make you go for them. I find Lana Rhoades, Holly Hendrix shows best one.Click on any show and it will begin with some interesting plot and erotic fun behind it.

Paradise for Anal Sex Lovers – Intro Scene

Its intro scene speaks for itself. You see lots of beauties taking male vital organ deep inside their body. If you have no idea how to start, then go to top rated videos in menu section displayed on right hand of website.  You can also look into Girl section to enjoy shows of your favorite girl. Its executives have left enough space to explore and guide you to best shows at the same time.

Design-wise, the site looks simple, but once you go deep down, you can’t stop admiring brilliance of its developing team. For instance, when you hover over a video, you see its pics moving one by one describing you how the video would be like. This will help you whether to go for this one or not.

I have visited so many sites, but never found such feature. It shows how it’s founders have kept minute in mind while making it.

Video Quality

Its video quality doesn’t require any proof as clear pictures are present on home page.  Whether it’s high resolution or a lower version; quality of shows remains the same. You would feel like watching a movie in theatre. Its effects are such.

However, high speed internet connection is recommended to enjoy live shows. Some videos may be heavy and take time to start. Rest is fine.

Draw back

For some people, slow uploading may be a bit of problem, but I don’t see this as drawback. Its shows, girls are pure magical. One thing that I find truly missing was solo action. All shows present here are couples making out. There is no doubt that they are great, but it would look even better if they put solo action too on site, because there are enough single women who look forward to satisfy their desires.

Rest, is okay.


The site, more than pleasure, act as a tutor to couples. If you are bored with your personal life, want some action; then this site can surely teach you lot of things. Best part is that it is dirt cheap i.e. the price is even lower than regular adult video site.