World Of Warcraft – Is The End Game Worth Your Time?

World of Warcraft, one of the most prominent multiplayer battle royal games is now quickly losing its value. When the game was first released it was an instant favourite among gamers of all ages and it also spawned various similar games. The game itself went through various upgrades which made it better to play every time. However, the latest update modules have changed the gameplay quite a bit and this is something that the fans are taking lightly at all.

The primary problem that people are facing is that the levelling up procedure has become much tougher than how it used to be. And since this process is taking much longer most of the PVP guilds have stopped accepting players who aren’t close to level 100 at least, something that can take up to weeks to achieve.

Once you have finally reached the required level to take part in the wars, and if you happen to lose, not only do you get almost nothing for all the time spent; but you also anger the rest of the players if you happen to be on the lower levels than them. The same is the case with dungeons. No matter the number of creatures you kill during the battle, if you happen to lose it you get only a mere fraction of the actual reward.

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Additionally, World of Warcraft has announced in game level up tokens that can be bought with actual money. This has necessarily reduced the game to the level of any android game that has players spending actual money to win. A lot of gamers who can’t or don’t want to afford this are finally letting go of their once favorite game in favour of something new. And you can find them venting out their dissatisfaction on various online platforms as well.

Most other games also don’t have the high level of hostility that WoW now presents. This is because most of the WoW gamers are now spending actual money to win and if they don’t, they take it out on the lesser teammates. This sort of hostility is driving new gamers away within a few days of playing, and they are taking on to other battle royal games such as Tera.

So, are you someone who is ready to spend actual money to win coins in an online game? If yes, then World of Warcraft is a game that you can play. But if you are playing to show off your gaming skills and for the thrill of the win, then chances are that WoW will not be able to satisfy either.