Is World of Warcraft in Decline

For a game that has broken a number of Guinness World Records since its inception, the WoW franchise seems to be on a rocky descent going by recent statistics. World of Warcraft has for some time been the bar by which other online multiplayer games have been measured with; however, it seems like age is catching up with the game that first saw the online world in 2004. Its recent release of Legion in August 30th, which is still being tested by players all around the world, will be a great test as to whether the game can withstand another decade in the ever so changing online gaming world. Here are some reasons that paint a grim picture about WoW’s future; Continue

6 Superb World of Warcraft Records That We Never Thought Could Be Broken

If you’ve played World of Warcraft then chances are that you understand how patient and determined you need to be in order for you to complete each level. However, there are some people out there who seem not to be caught up by time and they have been breaking World of Warcraft records that never seemed likely to be broken. Here are 6 World of Warcraft records that took the world by surprise; Continue

5 Things You Need To Know About History of World of Warcraft

The MMORPG game has been in existence for around 12 years and it does not show any sign of being shut down in the near future. Their selling point relies on their virtual world which has tons of stories leading to every release and major expansion that they’ve ever made since its inception. There have also been movies made on Warcraft albeit with little relation to the game. Therefore if you are a new player or have been recently initiated into the WoW universe it’s important to have a clue about the historical inclination of it. Here are 5 things that you need to know about the history of World of Warcraft: Continue

5 Reasons to Play World of Warcraft after Legion Release

If you are a World of Warcraft fan who has never graced Azeroth for a very long time, then now is the time for you to reconsider going back after its Legion expansion. Whether you are a continuing player or left the game years ago, the new updates on Legion are bound to attract all World of Warcraft fans from wherever they may be. Here are 5 reasons why you should play WoW after the Legion release; Continue

Why The World of Warcraft is the Most Popular MMORPG of All Time

World of Warcraft recently released their latest expansion Legion which has been gaining popularity by the day. However, this came after a massive drop in WoW subscriber base from 10 million to 5.5 million in 2015. This nevertheless never meant that WoW’s popularity fell. As of now, World of Warcraft is still one of the most played MMORP games ever and its recent addition of a new expansion is bound to hit it back right to the top of the list of the most played MMORPGs. Here is why the WoW is the most popular MMORPG of all time; Continue

Top 10 Greatest Moments In The World Of Warcraft Universe

If you have ever played WoW, then you pretty much understand all the frenzy surrounding its latest expansion, Legion. There are many gamers who call the World of Warcraft home and even more that are starting out in the game. Having lasted for more than 10 years, WoWhas had its good times and bad times. Here are 10 moments in the WoW universe that will forever remain ingrained in the hearts of its loyal subscription base; Continue


  1. Which is the most popular and best online game?

Well, when it comes to online gaming only one name hits my mind so hard. It is WOW (World of Warcraft). It is an amazing online game with multiplayer mode. The genre of the game is massively multiplayer online role-playing, which is very popular among the youngsters. Apart from that, there are many other games available. But, this fabulous game had been on the top for the last many years. Hence, it is the best and most popular online game ever. Continue

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Ever wondered how come World of Warcraft managed to attain the heights of fame in massively multiplayer online role playing games? It is solely because of the unique and indifferent gameplay offered by the developers of the game. They added some great approaches for various scenarios and that is the particular reason for its most of the positive feedback even though concepts remained the same. All these kinds of features make a game special and thus earns a huge fan following ultimately creating space for further releases and sequels. This is the best part as to all the sequels and newer versions of the game tried their maximum to fill out the short comings in the previous version apart from the development of new gameplay. Continue