Most Popular MMORPGS in the World

Did you know that most of MMORPG players don’t have driving license? So clever, yet they fall for all these scams with fake instructors all the time! Since the launching of Ultima Online in the year of 1997, MMORPG grew at a faster rate and became mainstream. In these days, there are hundreds of free for playing MMORPGs along with dozens of subscriptions which are based on titles. Here is a list of the most popular MMORPGs across the world:

Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the well-renowned MMORPGs that has more than 400 million registered users. Also known as Dungeon and Fighter, this game has gained high popularity after its tremendous success in mainland China. It was in the year of 2010 when the game reached its peak with more than 3 million concurrent users in the country of China.

Fantasy Westward Journey

Fantasy Westward Journey is another popular MMORPG that has more than 300 million registered users. This extremely renowned MMORPG was published and developed by the second biggest MMORPG developer of China, Netease. The game is known to boost more than 2.75 concurrent users in accordance with the statistics of 2012. After the launch of its mobile version in the year of 2015, it has enhanced at a steady rate. Apart from being the most popular MMORPG, it is also recognized to be the most profitable MMORPG across the globe.


RuneScape is another browser based MMORPG that has more than 200 million registered users until the year 2012. This game has gained high popularity in the recent days. It is known to be localized in different languages and hence it is considered to be highly popular across the globe.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is an action MMORPG that has gained high fame in these days. In accordance with the Chinese game developer, Shanda Games, the game is known to have more than 200 million users. The MMORPG is available in the West via Nexon. The game comes with anime inspired graphics. Though the player base of the game in the West happens to be stagnated, it remained stronger in Asia.

The Legend of Mir 3

The Legend of Mir 3 was released originally in the year of 2001 after The Legend of Mir 2 and The Legend of Mir 2. The game has more than 120 million players across the globe. Most of the registered users of this MMORPG are from China. In spite of its release in Asia in the year of 2001, United States launched the same in 2009. However, it was shut down owing to lack of profitability.


MapleStory is an incredibly popular MMORPG in China and Korea. This 2D scrolling MMORPG from Nexon was launched in Western markets. However, like other MMORPGs, the game has gained high popularity in Korea and China. The game has become stagnant in the West, it has gained high credibility elsewhere.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a well-renowned MMORPG with more than 7 million active players. It is counted to be one of the few subscription based MMORPGs across the globe.

With a number of users across the globe, this MMORPGs are highly loved by people. You are sure to have an amazing time while playing these games.