Top 10 Greatest Moments In The World Of Warcraft Universe

If you have ever played WoW, then you pretty much understand all the frenzy surrounding its latest expansion, Legion. There are many gamers who call the World of Warcraft home and even more that are starting out in the game. Having lasted for more than 10 years, WoWhas had its good times and bad times. Here are 10 moments in the WoW universe that will forever remain ingrained in the hearts of its loyal subscription base;



  1. Which is the most popular and best online game?

Well, when it comes to online gaming only one name hits my mind so hard. It is WOW (World of Warcraft). It is an amazing online game with multiplayer mode. The genre of the game is massively multiplayer online role-playing, which is very popular among the youngsters. Apart from that, there are many other games available. But, this fabulous game had been on the top for the last many years. Hence, it is the best and most popular online game ever.


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Ever wondered how come World of Warcraft managed to attain the heights of fame in massively multiplayer online role playing games? It is solely because of the unique and indifferent gameplay offered by the developers of the game. They added some great approaches for various scenarios and that is the particular reason for its most of the positive feedback even though concepts remained the same. All these kinds of features make a game special and thus earns a huge fan following ultimately creating space for further releases and sequels. This is the best part as to all the sequels and newer versions of the game tried their maximum to fill out the short comings in the previous version apart from the development of new gameplay.